Bad times for Facebook

Facebook could face slow development after the spring IPOs. No fewer than six top executives have left the company since May. When Facebook made her entrance on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in May it was a big pressure on the company for success, but now the future is in danger to the social media giant. Developments is  likely to stall after that no fewer than six of its executives has decided to leave since the IPO.

On Wednesday another three of Facebook’s executives said that they will also leave. Among them, Ethan Beard, who had the responsibility to build relationships with the market. The other two who resigned the same day, Katie Mitic and Jonathan Matus, was responsible both for marketing in various platforms.

Previously, three other executives left the company after the IPO. In May, the Facebook’s top marketing manager Barry Schnitt, in June it was announced that Bret Taylor will not remain, and last month also the product manager Carl Sjögreen, which played a crucial role in the development Open Graph platform said that he will will also leave.

To outsiders, this are very worrying signs, especially for investors who are worried that the worst can happen to the company, the development, innovation and good leadership have diminished as more and more talent decide to not be in the company.

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