Growing Importance of Remote Pharmacy in Today’s Time

Nearly all hospital pharmacy leaders would like to provide 24×7 pharmacy services for their patients. However, shortage of labor, financial constraints, and other industry challenges are common reasons why many hospitals can’t. Remote pharmacy services allow it to be possible—for large health systems and rural and small facilities.

When choosing a remote pharmacy, a robust, reliable, and experienced service provider is paramount to ensure the patient’s safety and well-being.

Remote pharmacy services provide an innovative and feasible solution for facilities that do not have a 24-hour pharmacy or the resources to hire additional staff.

The remote pharmacy offers customized services that cater to hospital pharmacies after hours, during peak hours, or even during unforeseen staff circumstances. This service also reduces line-item costs associated with reviewing, clarifying, and entering medication orders by up to 40 percent. As a result, pharmacists can be more clinically involved in the hospital and increase their time spent on direct patient care by up to 30 percent. Some remote pharmacies offer their clients 24/7 backup at significantly less cost than hiring additional staff or increasing pharmacy hours.

The highly trained pharmacists will provide remote pharmacy verification, order entry, medication-error prevention, and clinical responsibilities in a stable work environment, using a secure VPN connection to access your pharmacy order entry system. The pharmacists are also available by phone to your hospital staff for any questions or concerns and strive to provide the best level of service and make all processes seamless.

Remote system

The benefits of our remote pharmacy service:

  • Cost-effective option to the 24-hour pharmacy
  • Guaranteed and seamless coverage
  • Decreased cost per order reviewed
  • Answer questions and resolve issues for hospital staff
  • Improved quality of patient care by onsite pharmacists
  • Fewer medication errors
  • Hospital staff satisfaction

 The biggest advantage remote pharmacy offers is that the pharmacists reviews medication orders before the hospital staff administers the drugs to the patient. Hospitals benefit from this system as it allows real-time medication order review and verification, thus eliminating the scope of medication error.