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The label is the essential tool for identifying a product, marketing it and providing all the necessary information to the consumer such as weight or volume, supplier or manufacturer contacts, ingredient or content lists, as well as information on storage, handling, healthy eating, use or safety custom yard signs in Rockville, MD.

In current years, innovations in this field have glimpsed the development of special categories of tags eligible of interaction with portable phones to admission website, provide more information for the consumer, enter competitions, play games or join social networks. network. Some labels are also uniquely variable or customized.

In short, labels have become an essential component of modern daily life in one form or another. It is therefore not surprising that the label industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the printing industry, along with flexible packaging, with an average annual growth of around 4-6% worldwide over the past 30 years. current growth is estimated at 4.7%), almost always reaching growth higher than GDP. On a global basis, the labels are produced by a highly specialized niche industry sector in printing, which currently generates more than $ 60 billion in revenue.

Advantages of digital label printing

The label printing industry in recent years has grown to such an extent that annual digital label printer installations have nearly reached 30% of standard print installations globally. In fact, in 2015, over 3,000 digital label printers were installed worldwide. Looking ahead, digital label printers are expected to reach or exceed 40% of annual standard print installations by 2020.

In this context, the overall value of digital jobs for label printing is considered to be significantly greater than for standard printing. Industry estimates indicate that while digital label printing currently accounts for only about 3-5% of the volume of all adhesive label printing jobs, its value reaches 15-18% of all print jobs.

The following are the advantages of digital label printing compared to traditional printing.

Optimized workflow

An optimized workflow is one of the cornerstones of digital label production. Minimize errors, accelerate response times, and provide up-to-date production and customer information, as well as shorten lead times.